To feel a sense of fulfilment in life is undoubtedly something we all aspire to. Working as an ALT at RCS Corporation isn’t a regular job.
English education in Japan is highly esteemed, and seen as a gateway to a better life. By applying your natural abilities as a native speaker of English, you’ll know that you’re making a positive contribution.
To know you are helping is truly rewarding. That’s why we at RCS are proud of what we do.

Please note: We are no longer accepting applications from overseas.
We can only accept applications from candidates currently living in Japan.

LET’S Join Us

Join Us

We are looking for talented people to join our team as Assistant Language Teachers in the Kanto region. Being an ALT is a life changing experience.
If you enjoy working with kids, and value teamwork, then this experience could be for you! ALTs become integral parts of their schools and communities, build life-long friendships and memories, and most importantly, make a real positive difference in the lives of their students.

Benefits of being an ALT

  • Learn Japanese culture directly
  • See your students grow
  • Daytime work hours
  • Weekends and public holidays off
  • Ample vacation time
  • Opportunities to join school festivals, sports days, and cultural activities
  • Work/life balance

It’s no secret that the Japanese work hard, and their work ethic is famously arduous. ALT life offers you the opportunity to live and work in Japan, and maintain a balanced lifestyle.
With your nights and weekends free, you don’t have to worry about being too exhausted from work to get out and explore! You might even decide to join a Japanese language class, pick up calligraphy or kendo classes, or immerse yourself in the ‘foodie’ culture of Japan.

What’s required to be an ALT

  • Be a native English speaker
  • Possess a minimum 12 years of education where English is the primary language
  • Minimum Bachelor Degree
  • A professional, polite, and flexible attitude
  • Willingness to commit to a 1-year contract

Experience is always a bonus, but not essential. Our initial training program will have you ready to hit the ground running.
If you fit the pre-requisites, and feel you’d suit an ALT role, then we’d love to hear from you!




    “I’m in my 4th year with RCS and enjoy being part of the RCS team because everyone has been friendly and helpful. RCS management has been very professional handling my transition to work and life here in Japan. My best memories as an ALT have been when students would call out my name across the hallway, just to say ‘hi’ to me. They make me feel like a celebrity at times! Most importantly though, I’m glad they are comfortable approaching me and trying to speak English with me.”

  • Jerami Vanderholm

    “I’ve been an ALT with RCS for nine continuous years. Why so long? During all of those years, I’ve enjoyed working with the friendly, supportive managers, staff and other ALTs, who have all helped me to grow as a person and as a teacher. RCS has given me opportunities, not only to work at the public schools which I love, but in a variety of settings relating to English language education in Japan. The valuable lessons I’ve learned and the countless good memories I’ve made while working for RCS has made being an ALT a rewarding and even adventurous experience.”

  • Whitney Bisacchi

    “Five years ago, I started working for the RCS ALT team. At that time, I received not only a warm welcome, but also thorough training that effectively prepared me for my first day of school. But, it didn’t stop there. Unlike other ALT dispatch companies, RCS has continued to train and develop me throughout my ALT career. On a regular basis, RCS supports me with realistic guidance for my daily life as an ALT.”

  • Anne Le

    “I’ve been with RCS for 3 years and the best part of the job for me is seeing the students’ reactions after activity sessions. Their excitement while singing English songs, winning English quizzes, and learning about British holidays, never fail to put a smile on my face. As an ALT, I see myself as a bridge between the students and foreign countries’ cultures. And when all efforts to do that is fruitful, it’s a very satisfying feeling. RCS has given me a good support network to help fulfil my daily duties as an ALT. There can be some challenges adjusting to the Japanese working environment. But, the team at RCS has steadily maintained smooth communication between myself and the school, so adjusting has been a much easier process.”

  • Richard Carman

    “It’s been 17 years since I first started teaching English in Japan, and the last 13 years I’ve spent working for RCS Corporation. I first started at some wild junior high schools (two students got haircuts during an English lesson). The last 8 years I’ve taught at elementary school.
    I’ve seen many positive changes. English used to be just a fun activity for kids. Nowadays, the lessons are still fun, but there is a proper teaching curriculum. RCS has also continuously improved, their communication with ALTs and training events being very helpful. English education is undergoing changes, and I look forward to this new challenge to improve children’s English communication skills in Japan.”

  • Guy Bannister

    “I’ve been working as a Jr. High School ALT with RCS for a year now and have really enjoyed my time here. The support network is very good and the office staff are approachable and friendly.
    Other companies don’t always offer the same conditions, which is what attracted me before I joined.
    For me, being located in a single school has really helped in developing relationships with both the students and teachers instead of moving around to different schools on the same day which can be the case with other ALT organizations”


  • Visa sponsorship and full support in obtaining the necessary documents to work legally in Japan
  • Health insurance through a private company plan (if necessary)
  • Assistance in finding accommodation
  • Company car rental (if necessary - please note some areas do not allow the ALT to drive to work)
  • Day-time working hours
  • Preparatory and follow-up training
  • Full teacher support from native-speaking Training Specialists, Head Teachers and HR staff
  • National holidays

To apply, please fill out the online application.
Please attach a cover letter, resume, and recent photograph in business attire.

Alternatively, download the word or PDF applications.
Please email these along with a cover letter, resume, and recent photograph in business attire to

Please note: We are no longer accepting applications from overseas.
We can only accept applications from candidates currently living in Japan.