Established in 1989 by Rex Schaumleffel, RCS Corporation was the first company to dispatch ALTs to public schools in Japan. Pioneering the industry, becoming an ALT dispatch company was not the company’s outright intention.

RCS Corporation started out as a Juku, or cram school, in Yorii, Saitaima. Shortly after establishing, RCS was contacted by a local school that needed a foreign teacher to teach English. As RCS was already employing foreigners to work in the cram school, they had someone available. This experience opened up what would become RCS’s main enterprise; supplying foreign ALTs to teach English in public schools in Saitama.

RCS grew to eventually establish a strong foot hold in the Kanto region.
RCS also earned the reputation of specialists in employing foreigners and dispatching them to public schools. Today, RCS focuses on the Kanto region. This benefits the ALTs as they know where they will be placed upon employment, and it’s always within a reasonable commute to Tokyo.

In April, 2019, Raymond Schaumleffel took over as CEO of RCS Corporation. Raymond was fortunate enough to spend his youth dividing his time between the US and Japan. He has been through both education systems, learned both cultures, and as a result, has a broad understanding of global education. He strongly acknowledges the opportunities that a solid English education can provide. We therefore share his philosophy among the Japanese youth. As CEO of RCS Corporation, Raymond hopes to play an integral role in producing globally minded citizens in Japan.

Why RCS?

From the moment you begin the process with us, you’ll feel at ease with us and ready for your next adventure. Our recruiting team have all been through the process. We understand the initial jitters, and we’ve got your back!

We also pride ourselves on not only being professional, but we’re on your level. In Japan, hierarchies and statuses still hold a lot of value.
At RCS, we’re down to earth, we’re practical, and we can relate to you. Of course, respect is key to any organization. But you’ll find that with us, we have a collective workstyle. We collaborate with each other, and we value your input. We believe this translates to an inspiring learning environment for the kids.


What sets RCS a part from other ALT companies?

We understand that choosing which English teaching company to work for in Japan is a big decision. At RCS, you can rest assured you’ll have a positive and rewarding English teaching experience.

We’re the pioneer of dispatching ALTs
We’ve been doing this the longest out of any ALT company in Japan.
We’re the pioneers, and in fact we shared our business philosophies with other companies to help grow the industry.

We take a personal approach
We might not be the biggest ALT company, but we’re good at what we do. We focus solely on the Kanto region, which allows us to concentrate our efforts. We get to know all our ALTs on a personal level, so you’ll feel like a valued member of the team!

We focus on team teaching in the classrooms
Most ALT companies out-source their English teachers to schools. What does this mean? The ALT effectively becomes the T1, or head English teacher in the classroom.
This can result in a range of problems, especially if the ALT can’t speak Japanese. By team teaching, the ALT and the JTE (Japanese Teacher of English) collaborate and combine their strengths to the benefit of the kids.
Not only do the kids have a better experience, but it’s a better teaching experience for the ALT.
At RCS, our ALTs have less pressure than many other ALT teaching jobs. Our ALTs can focus on contributing to each lesson, rather than bearing
the responsibilities of the main teacher.


  • NAME

    RCS Corporation.

    2 September, 1989

    10,000,000 yen

    Raymond Schaumleffel, Chief Executive Officer

    1001 Valier Toyama, 2-3-9, Okubo
    Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 169-0072, Japan
  • TEL

    +81 3-5155-6979
  • FAX

    +81 3-5155-6952



1001 Valier Toyama, 2-3-9, Okubo
Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 169-0072, Japan
TEL. +81 3-5155-6979
FAX. +81 3-5155-6952