Now recruiting!

Now Recruiting!!

  RCS is currently seeking talented individuals from overseas and within Japan who wish to broaden their understanding of Japan while experiencing teaching in the junior high and elementary school system.
  We have positions available in Tokyo, Saitama, Chiba, Shizuoka, Nagano and Gunma prefectures. Our main recruiting times are from January through March for positions starting in April (the start of the Japanese school year) and July and August for positions starting in September. However, we often have positions starting at other times throughout the year, so please do not hesitate to send your application.
  Successful applicants must be open-minded, enjoy working with children and adults alike, value teamwork, and be eager to make their experience at school a positive one.
  If you are interested in working in the Japanese public-school system and experiencing life in Japan, apply now.

Benefits include:

* Visa sponsorship and full support in obtaining the necessary documents to work legally in Japan
* Health insurance through a private company plan (if necessary)
* Assistance in finding accommodation
* Company car rental (if necessary - please note some areas do not allow the ALT to drive to work)
* Day-time working hours
* Preparatory and follow-up training
* Full teacher support from native-speaking Training Specialists, Head Teachers and HR staff
* National holidays

  To apply, please complete the Application Record which is available here as an online form and as a PDF or Word Document.  The online form is the preferred method of application, but if there are problems with it, please fill out either the PDF or the Word version and email it to
  Please also email a short cover letter, your resume and a recent photograph in business attire, regardless of how you apply.